Chort devil 2

by Gloomy Kid

Be the envy of your gaming table with a solid bronze metal tabletop RPG miniature hand cast in Washington State and made to order for you. Bronze is heavy, strong, beautiful, and lasts forever.

Made To Order - $39.99

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Approximate Dimensions
25 mm tall x 9 mm x 34 mm (not including base)
🦾 Made to Last

Our bronze tabletop miniatures are made to be used. Drop them in a dice bag or toss them on the table with no worries. Bronze is super strong.

⚖️Feel the Weight

The heft of bronze tabletop miniatures feels so good and they make a satisfying thunk when placed on the table.

💎 Jewelry Quality

We use jewelry vacuum investment casting techniques to make the most detailed and intricate tabletop minis available.

🎨 Independent Artists

Every tabletop miniature is digitally sculpted by a growing community of independent artists from around the world. Become part of a future alive with independent artists and gamers exploring the realms of their imaginations.

🐲 Thousands of Tabletop RPG miniatures

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✨ Collectible

Each of our tabletop RPG miniature is hand cast with a one-of-a-kind serial number to guarantee it was not mass produced.