About Metallic Monsters

We Are Making Your Heros Immortal

You put so much into your character. All your time and imagination poured into making them perfect. Why not make them to last?

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Who We are

John Roper

Since my first Dungeons and Dragons session in 1984 I have been in love with tabletop gaming and fantasy worlds. I loved becoming an epic hero and helping to write a collaborative story with my friends about dark powers and legendary creatures.

As I got older I wanted to make these stories ever more rich and detailed. To put life into every little crevice of the worlds we were building. This desire led me to miniatures and mini gaming and this, in turn, led me to 3D printing.

With 3D printing I could fill my gaming worlds with a huge array of amazing characters and creatures. And I fell in love with the amazing sculpture of the best of digital artists I was printing. But ultimately was dissatisfied with the limitations of the plastic these prints were made out of.

So I have devoted the last three years to learning metal casting, allowing me to bring these fantastic figures to life in a sturdy and detailed form.